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“Licensed, Experienced And Professional” 
Fort Worth & San Antonio Private Investigators.


Private Investigation Agency in Fort Worth & San Antonio, Texas!

The Hardest Questions To Ask Are The Most Important To Answer.

Starr Advisory Services is a Fort Worth & San Antonio private investigation agency (License #: A20508) dedicated to protecting your family, property, and business. Unlike other investigation firms, we understand the unique situations and threats encountered by prosperous families. Trust, security, and peace of mind are earned through diligence.

Starr Advisory Services

is a proud member of 

Starr Advisory Services is a proud member of TALI

An organization for licensed private investigators in Texas that supports members with benefits and networking. Founded in 1971.

Starr Advisory Services is a proud member of TALI

NCISS is a cooperative effort of those companies and associations responsible for providing private security and investigation services.

Learn the Truth. Find the Facts.

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Licensed Private Investigators in Fort Worth & San Antonio

Why Retain a Fort Worth or San Antonio Private Investigator?

Real Fort Worth  & San Antonio private investigators are licensed and regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS). Our license allows us to conduct a wide array of investigations, access information systems that are available only to the field of private investigation, and to engage in activities (such as background checks, interviews, and surveillance) that are useful for discovering answers to difficult questions.

Most investigators try to win new clients by scaring them with stories of cheating spouses, con artists, and superpredators. We believe that one should not retain an investigator out of fear. Instead, one should consider retaining an investigator to gain a sense of trust, freedom, peace, and security.

A diligent investigation firm that understands the unique position of prosperous families can proactively investigate subtle changes in routines and relationships to identify potential threats to family, property, and business.


Having a trained professional vet the new people and situations in your life affords you the luxury of relaxing and enjoying the success you have earned without constantly questioning other's motives. It is for people like you that we pioneered our Routine Activity Investigation services.


Book A Fort Worth or San Antonio Private Investigator

For insight into real cases, be sure to read our case files blog.

Get the help of an experienced and licensed private investigator. Our Fort Worth & San Antonio investigators are well versed in both the foundations of investigation and Texas law as it pertains to private investigators. At Starr Advisory Services, we offer custom-designed investigative services to help our clients find the information they need quickly, accurately and at a fair rate. 

Whether you’re looking for a personalized investigation, an insurance fraud investigation, or a domestic investigation to identify infidelity, cohabitation or child custody issues we are here to support you. Book A Private Investigator Today.


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