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Private Investigation Services for Business

Harden your Business

Starr Advisory Services ( an agency of Fort Worth & San Antonio private investigators) hardens your business by engaging in a wide range of corporate investigations including:


  • Routine activities investigation

  • Fleet tracking

  • Risk assessments

  • Background checks

  • Background investigations

  • Client investigations

  • Vendor investigations

  • Due diligence

  • TSCM

  • Debugging

  • Computer forensics

  • Cyber investigations

  • Bug sweeps

  • Surveillance

  • Interviewing and statement taking

  • Corporate theft investigations

  • GPS tracking

  • Inventory management

  • Workers compensation

  • Witness locates

  • Process service

  • Fraud investigations

  • Insurance fraud

  • Litigation support

  • Risk assessments

  • Mystery shopping and executive protection


Starr Advisory Services also offers family and property investigation services.  For insight into real cases, read our case files blog.

Business Investigation Fort Worth & San Antonio

If you are looking for a business investigation for your Fort Worth or San Antonio company, then no look further.

At Starr Advisory Services, We work any type of investigation related to the business and commercial world. Within our business investigation services, we can offer you different specialties that cover most issues faced by businesses of all sizes. Our lead investigator in Fort Worth spent decades as the CEO of a mid-size professional services firm and understands first hand the challenges experienced by business owners and executives. 

Business investigations may be started for a great number of reasons. Most of the time, the case is started to discover internal or external fraud. Employee theft and misconduct are the leading cause of profit leaks in companies (either from direct financial loss, insurance deductibles or legal settlements). Meanwhile, external suppliers and customers present their own unique risks that can result in tremendous financial losses.

Our Fort Worth and San Antonio private investigators are experts at looking deep into corporate practices, uncovering information that may not be readily available to the general public.

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