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Free Security Audit

Let us perform a free security audit for you based on our routine activity investigation theory.


Our free security audit will evaluate threats to your family, property and/or business and provide a list of recommendations for improving your security and reducing your risk. We will tailor our free security audit to meet your specific situation and needs. However, a typical security audit happens in three phases.

We'll be in touch.

Licensed Private Investigators in Fort Worth & San Antonio.

Phase 1 - Situation Analysis

During a one-hour interview (either over the phone or face-to-face) we will gather information from you about your family, property and/or business. We will create a “threat matrix” that will help prioritize risks that should be addressed based on the value of the target, the typical risks associated with these target types and specific risks that you are already aware of.


For example, if your primary home is your most valuable asset, the crime rate in your neighborhood is on the rise and there have been recent attempts to break into your garage, this issue would benefit from immediate attention to reduce the risk of a property crime.

Phase 2 - Situation Analysis

Following the situation analysis and threat matrix development, Starr Advisory Services will conduct a one-hour threat analysis on your most pressing issue.


For example, if your highest priority issue is protecting your daughter who believes she is being stalked, we would recommend a series of steps to analyze the seriousness of the threat (such as background checks, surveillance of the individual and interviews with his known associates).

Phase 3 - Security Plan

The final phase of our free security audit is the delivery of recommendations for decreasing the risk of the situation (such as changing routes to school on a daily basis, avoiding situations that may increase your daughter's vulnerability and monitoring the suspect to gather evidence of his crimes).

Routine Activity Investigation

Many of our free security audits lead to the implementation of a routine activity investigation plan. These plans start with a baseline situation analysis, the development of a threat matrix and the creation of an initial security plan for your family, property and/or business.


The routine activity investigation service provides ongoing monitoring of high-priority threats on a monthly basis as well as monthly planning sessions to evaluate changes in your family, property and/or business situation that may have an impact on your threat matrix and security plan.


For example, moving to a new neighborhood may require a deep dive into the security risks presented by the move and residence in the new neighborhood. Who are your new neighbors? What are the most frequent crimes in the neighborhood? What can you do to live your best (and safest) life in your new neighborhood?


Don’t Neglect Your Security. By spending only two hours with us, we can significantly reduce the risk associated with the issues that worry you the most. And there is no obligation to hire us afterward. If you are ready to schedule your free security audit, please complete the form here.

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