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Property Investigations Fort Worth and San Antonio

Prevent and Recover!

We offer our clients effective property investigation services to protect them from property frauds and crimes and recover missing property. 

Property crimes result in financial loss, but can also shake a family's sense of security.


Starr Advisory Services (an agency of Fort Worth & San Antonio private investigators) helps families recover property and regain confidence in family safety with a wide range of property investigation services including:


  • Routine activity investigations

  • Fleet tracking

  • Risk assessments

  • General investigations

  • Surveillance

  • Accident reconstruction

  • Arson and fire investigations

  • Burglary investigations

  • Stolen property recovery

  • GPS tracking

  • Inventory tagging

  • Judgment recovery

  • Repossessions

  • Evictions and trespassing investigations


At Starr Advisory Services, we also offer family and business investigation services.  For insight into real cases, read our case files blog.

Property Investigation Services!

We perform a detailed investigation about the property which the client is planning to buy and conduct an analysis about its owner, its legitimacy, document verification, seller verification, its actual value in the market and much more.

Our years of property investigation expertise ensures that all investigations are conducted promptly, professionally, ethically and confidentially.


We listen to your needs and offer our best recommendations for action.

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